What our being evolved means for the self
Darwin and Galileo meet in heaven. Prickly and vainglorious Galileo becomes jealous of simple-hearted Darwin for the fame he won through coming up with the theory of natural selection. Galileo decides to come up with his own theory of evolution, and to use Darwin to spread word of it back down on Earth to win for Galileo new fame for his scientific prowess. The play is designed to help humanities students develop critical thinking on issues to do with our having evolved, and to provide a model for a humanities- based approach to finding meaning in that origin. By Shaun Johnston. Published by Evolved Self Publishing. Copyright Shaun Johnston 2013.
“What it means we evolved” Dialogue between Darwin and Galileo
A play with two characters, Darwin and Galileo, in three acts, running for an hour.
Act One
Act Two
Act Three
SCRIPT: Download  pdf