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(From the preface). This book is a quick easy-to-read manifesto. It tells you why the theory of natural selection is wrong, why itís dangerous, and how to challenge it. No, it isnít about creationism. Instead it calls for a new "self-based" science that puts conscious decision-making back into human nature.

To me, itís our conscious self thatís most important. So Iím upset when I hear scientists say "Conscious decision-making is just an illusion. Your consciousness canít make any difference in the real world.Ē

Where do ideas like that come from? They come from scienceís very peculiar history. From that peculiar history, in turn, comes the ďdiscoveryĒ of a mechanism driving evolutionónatural selection. Natural selection has many weaknesses but the main one is, it denies the possibility of consciousness: since natural selection is a purely physical mechanism it canít work on consciousness, therefore consciousness canít evolve and, if it canít evolve then it canít exist. Wherever natural selection goes, this denial of consciousness follows after it.

In the coming pages youíll learn why natural selection doesnít work and why it canít be the mechanism driving evolution. Weíll look at the assumptions that lie behind it and set aside any that might prevent us exploring alternatives. Then Iíll introduce you to a new mechanism for evolution that I thinks works better, and doesnít deny consciousness.

How can you come up with a replacement for natural selection? I say, if you donít like the answers science gives you, ask it some new questions. Hereíre my questions: how can we tap into evolutionís awesome creative powers, and put those powers to work in our own selves? Asking those two questions takes me to a new science based on the self.

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